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Karen Knotts

Character comedian Karen Knotts is the daughter of Don Knotts.

Karen Knotts went to USC where she played Penny in “You Can’t Take it With You”, and was directed by Emmy Award-winning director Alex Siegal. After college, Karen went on the road doing regional theatre with her father, Don Knotts. These shows included “Norman is that You?” with Jm J. Bullock and “Mind with the Dirty Man,” with Rue McClanahan. Karen’s first TV break was a miniseries starring George Peppard entitled “One of Our Own”. She played a limmerick-reciting hippy hitchhiker. Other Television roles include ‘Rudene’ in “Return to Mayberry,” and a crazed prison guard in the hilarious “Vice Academy” series. Karen was directed by the colorful Carroll O’Connor on an episode of “Archie Bunker’s Place”. More recently, Karen co-starred in “An Occurrence at Black Canyon,” in which she had a sword fighting scene with Tim Weske. Karen also has puppet and magic skills, which she honed while performing children’s shows with the the marvelous ‘Twinkles the Clown’ (Ellen Simmons). Karen regularly performs Standup Comedy at the Ice House, Flappers, and the Comedy Store. Karen’s one woman show “Tied Up in Knotts” about growing up with her legendary father, Don Knotts, has won critical acclaim in the United States and at Edinburgh.