show options & requirements


Tied Up In KnottsShow Options

‘Economy’ Production: Recommended for non-profits and small audiences.

Fun Keynote Speeches:  In addition to ‘Tied Up In Knotts’ shows, Karen does humorous talks or Lec Dem’s.  Topics include: ‘Mayberry Family Values’, ‘History of TV Comedy’, ‘The Don Knotts Story’, and ‘Healing Power of Humor.’  Book these talks for universities and colleges; corporate events; nonprofits; any fun group gathering!

‘Tied Up in Knotts – Off Broadway’ This show has the most production value and requires more technical capability to enhance the performance.  It is generally requested for larger theater spaces and audiences, but it’s up to you to decide.

Hello Entrepreneur,

In my training days as an actor, I had the GREAT FORTUNE of performing with my legendary dad, Don Knotts. He always said, “Prepare Well, and you will have a successful show!” Then he would start nervously shaking. This checklist will eliminate the ‘shakes’ and give you a ‘smoothie.’

Show Preparation

SET PIECES: you will provide a hat rack, two small tables, two chairs, and a stool.

REHEARSAL: Set aside between two and four hours for tech set up and rehearsing visual cues. Adequate rehearsal is essential for a smooth-running show.

PUBLICITY: Press materials will be provided and Karen is ready for interviews! (She’s just a big ol’ ham. )

CONTRACT: Once we decide to go forward, you’ll sign an agreement, put down a deposit, and… Off we go into Don Knotts Comedy Heaven!

Tech Requirements

You’ll need to have a projector, screen, sound system, and body mic. The entire show runs out of my Macbook Pro.  Your projector and sound system plug in.

PROJECTOR: 4000 lumens recommended. The projector, if it’s in front  of the screen, must be set from above to avoid having the Performer walk between the projector and screen which will disrupt the images. Another option is rear screen projection, if you have a 12-foot throw distance behind screen.

SCREEN: Generally a screen should be about 1/3 size of the performing area or stage. ‘Fast fold’ screens are easy to rent and come in standard sizes. A ‘Dress Kit’ (optional) adds polish to the stage’s appearance.

Suggested Screen Sizes:

  • Smallest (classroom size about 19’ performing area) – screen : 5’2 x 9’
  • Small theater (about 99 seats or 30’ area) – screen: 5’9” x 10’
  • Medium-sized venue (45’ standard proscenium) – screen: 6’11” x 12’
  • Larger venue – screen: 7’6” x 13’
  • Large theater or auditorium – screen: 9’ x 16’

LIGHTING: Set your lights so there is a general ‘wash’ with no bounce on the screen. Set top (or side) lights in front of the screen so they don’t interfere with projection. If your space doesn’t have many lights, you may use a follow spot.

SUPPORT STAFF: You’ll need someone to run cues, and a Stage Technician.

(If you have any more questions, I will provide free consultation by phone with my own Tech Professional.)