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“When my father, Don Knotts, passed away in February 2006, I wanted to pay tribute to him in the way I knew him best: as an amazing, loving dad. It’s true that Don Knotts was one of the greatest and most beloved comedic actors of his generation, with many awards to his credit! However, in my one-woman show TIED UP IN KNOTTS!, I try to capture the essense of Don, the man, because I always thought he was the funniest when he was just being himself.” — Karen

Karen Knotts’ wonderful show, TIED UP IN KNOTTS! is now sharing its heartfelt laughs across the America Don loved! For booking info, contact Karen or call  (818) 505-1229.

Karen Knotts tells stories about her legendary comedian dad, Don Knotts. ‘Tied Up In Knotts’ is a self-contained one woman show and requires minimal setup. See show options and requirements.

Baby Boomers love Tied Up In Knotts!

A must-see for kids of the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s who grew up laughing at Don Knotts as Barney Fife on the Andy Griffith show!  It’s a father-daughter story about growing up in a celebrity ‘Diva’ world with the love of Mayberry.

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In the 1950’s, Don Knotts was making the rounds of casting directors’ offices in New York City. Destiny knocked on Dad’s door when he got a small part in a Broadway play starring Andy Griffith. In the 1960’s, Andy was set to star in a sitcom about a small town sheriff. Dad called him and asked, ‘Could you use a deputy?’  …and Barney Fife was born! I have fond memories of visiting the set of Mayberry and seeing cast members like Ron Howard (Opie), and Frances Bavier (Aunt Bea). They were not like their TV characters! Fast forward to the 1970’s, I was a teenager attending Beverly Hills High and later USC, while Dad was doing variety shows with Bill Cosby and Tim Conway and making friends with movie star divas. As an adult, Dad encouraged me with both my acting and librarian careers! I love revisiting these memories of our special father-daughter bond.  Baby boomers grew up with great shows on TV!


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“Karen Knotts has thrilled sellout crowds for the past two years during our Mayberry Days Festival! We are looking forward to her return for a third year.”
— Tanya Jones Executive Director;
Surry Arts Council and ‘Mayberry Days’

“This family-friendly show is touching, you will not be disappointed! Karen not only hit a home run, she knocked it out of the park! Few are the actors/actresses that can carry an audience solo for an entire performance–she did it! Mixing humor with touching insight into a Hollywood life with a comedic legend and father, Karen is a top rate entertainer. And… not only did she endear herself to the audience during the show, but followed it up with personal availability afterwards. She loves people and it shows both on and off the stage. Sitting on the edge of our seats, we laughed so hard it hurt.”
— Wilson & Julie Adams
Murfreesboro, Tennessee

 “Karen was a real pleasure to work with. We hope to have her back in the future.”
— Harry Landreth, Producer
Spring Valley Theater, TN

“Karen Knotts’ one woman show Tied Up In Knotts! will delight, entertain, and take you on a wild journey, along with a host of zany characters all portrayed by Knotts, as she describes what life was like growing up the daughter of the legendary Don Knotts.”
— Martha Bolton
Emmy Nominated staff writer for Bob Hope

“I wasn’t sure before I went in, but when I came out I was convinced that this was the best theater of comedy that I have seen in years. Karen Knotts is moving, incredibly funny and leaves you feeling on a natural high when you exit. I give it six out of five stars… (the other star being her).”
— Richard McCain, Reviewer

“We LOVED this show! Really, really funny!”

“A loving joyous celebration of growing up with Don Knotts”
— The Tolucan Times

“Knotts doesn’t shy away from the pricklier parts of life as the child of a national treasure.”
— Nuala Calvi, The Stage

“It really pulls at the heart strings.”
— Diana London, quoted in The Los Angeles Times

“An engaging tale of growing up amid the Californian showbiz melee.”
— The Scotsman

“It was a great one-woman show…I was very touched indeed.”
— Ann Manson, Edinburgh Evening News

“A gem of a performance, laid back and entertaining. Karen leaves the audience with that delightfully contagious, warm and fuzzy feeling.”
— Scotsgay Magazine

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Baby boomers love Karen Knotts’ witty show about growing up with her legendary comedian dad, Don Knotts, best known for playing Barney Fife on The Andy Griffith Show. Tied Up in Knotts is storytelling, jokes, characters and impersonations. Now playing at theaters and festivals. To book or get more info, contact Karen today or call  (818) 505-1229.